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[3:30], Jeff Carey, 2013, 6 tracks, 22 min
Forwind, FWD10
[3:30] takes its inspiration from that cornerstone of pop music - the three to three and half minute pop song. This is not a mawkish, sentimental piece of work and it will appeal to anyone who doesn't mind breaking some nails while hanging onto the edges of an electrifying audio vista. It's a bracing, fizzing and explosive listen which excitedly packs what might have been an hours worth of ideas into its near 22 minutes.
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Interrupt-Decay, Jeff Carey, 2012, 10 tracks, 48 min
CWnil 8033600649
Using a gaming keypad and joystick to control his laptop Carey's sonic output covers the range of feedback, high intensity electrical fields, fragmentary cut up information overload, detailed micro-sonic constellations, spacious shifts in timbre, and chunky riff-like blasts of bit crushed saxophone futurism (saxophone not included). The CD, like his performances, is an engagement in high risk, physically driven, elastic solo instrumentalism: Logical monologues with no safety net, no overdubs, and no backing vocals.
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Impulse, Jeff Carey, 2010, 5 tracks, 20 min
CWnil 0000000000
Recorded with self written software, joysticks and game controllers Impulse traverses a sonic language that belies is digital origins with subtleties and details like bowed metallic sounds and controlled feedback to more gestural sound bursts and textures akin to buzz saws and analogue interference.